How To Write Awesome Rap Punchlines

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rap punchlines 1Riding the beat and writing dope lyrics are key-aspects of rapping – but being a skillful wordsmith won’t take you far if your flow and song theme aren’t backed up by emotion. Literary devices are priceless tools for getting your message across to your audience – some use them naturally, others pick up on them and learn as they go. When it comes to powerful rhymes, jaw-dropping rap punchlines can not only turn your rap into a mind-blowing and memorable experience, but it can also help you deliver your text with conviction and passion. You’ll notice that the best rappers have mastered the art of writing punchlines – here’s how you can do it too.


Prepare your rhymes

Most of us don’t have a natural gift for throwing out insane one-liners left and right. So if we want a gripping or thought-provoking rap punchlines – we have to work on it and polish our idea before it becomes worthwhile. It’s important to note that the punchline should be the cornerstone of your song and to take that into consideration when creating rhymes. Given that you can add so much force and feeling using this technique, you’ll much rather want to compose a rap that revolves around your punchline than have to write it up after your song’s finished and struggle to somehow integrate it with the rest of your lyrics.


Choose a type of rap punchlines

rap punchlines 3There’s one of three ways that you can usually go with rap punchlines – tackle a timeless theme, poke fun at societal norms and personalities or add a clever twist to an old saying. Choose one and make sure you know which kind you want to use before starting to write your song. The first is generally employed to add emotion and weight to your flow and usually carries with it a strong message. This type of punchline works because it’s relatable, so you want to cover a general topic that appeals to most of your audience, but still offer a unique feel and perspective. You can look for inspiration in your everyday life or by observing the routines and hardships of those around you. The second type, social satire, is the easiest to pull off. If you’ve got no inspiration, become more informed about the world and stay tuned to your local news.

You can also do freestyle to train yourself and boost your improvisation skills. Lastly, you can use literature and conventional wisdom to help you write. Just find proverbs that fit with your theme and turn them around into something surprising and brainy. If you’re a bookworm and you’re good with metaphors, use that to your advantage. Use puns, similes, unusual comparisons and irony to build tension and deliver your message powerfully.


Can’t find the right words? Use this trick!

rap punchlines 4If you’ve got a great punchline in mind, but don’t know how to make it everything rhyme, use slant rhymes. You’ve probably heard about this before – slant rhymes, also called near rhymes. Slant rhymes are groups of words which sound very familiar, even if in writing or otherwise they don’t perfectly rhyme. Some examples are: great-state-weight, orange-unhinge, dangerous-trashing us, heartless-conscious. Try it out for yourself! Using this technique will make your job a lot easier.

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