How To Write Catchy Rap Chorus

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There’s an old saying in songwriting … don’t bore us, get to the chorus. And while you can’t really afford to be average in any part of your songwriting, the chorus is where concentrations are made. There are a few songs out there with crazy good verses, and not much of a chorus. A lot of songs out right now have pretty much no melodic component in the verses, being just rap, with the entire hook in the chorus. People like the cool vibe of the rap, but they are kind of waiting for that hook to come back around. Without the hook, you don’t have anything in the song. In this article find out how to write catchy rap chorus.

How To Write Catchy Rap Chorus 1

Here’s what most amateur songwriters do

First of all they work off a riff, or chord progression, come up with a verse melody that gets them excited, and some goodly lyrics about whatever general feeling they have right then. And then, they are faced with climbing the bigger hill – writing the chorus. Not only does the chorus but, it has to sum up, lyrically, the basic theme and all of the above the main verses.


Think about choruses first

If you want to write a catchy chorus than you have to consider the following tips and always put the choruses on top of the list,

  • It’s good to come up with a great hook, for a great song
  • A great title would help a lot
  • A great concept will blend your song well
  • And work from there to complete it.

It’s easier to start from there, and fill in the details, by which you start working with the verses, pre-choruses and bridges first.


If the chorus is superb

If the chorus is superb, than you can write a verse of the same quality and can get a high end catchy tone. And it always tends to be easier – it could be something to do with the confidence, kind of like telling a joke, knowing the punch line is going to slay everyone in the room. It’s not a bad analogy actually – but it’s kind of that feeling that this chorus would slay the whole song.


Some pieces of advice for writing chorus

  • Try writing the chorus first instead of verse.
  • Think about everything that leads towards the main chorus.
  • Remember that when you write the verse, it doesn’t mean half the work is done. It should be more like this – one quarter of the work is done.
  • When the chorus is written, and it’s great, you’ll feel like three quarters of the work is done.

How To Write Catchy Rap Chorus

So what makes a great chorus?

  • Well firstly, it’s the melody. It never discounts the importance of lyrics, but as a famous songwriter once said, there is no hit song without lyrics. A dull melody with mind blowing words will not translate into something that people want to hear again and again.
  • One of the difficult things to do is to set a pace of lyrics to music. If you write the chorus lyrics first, then it would be very difficult to come up with a great melody for it.
  • Melody is something that comes in the mind quickly because it feels good to sing, and just grabs your attention straight away and the best thing about melodies are they are simple, and instant.
  • One thing on the melodic part of the chorus, and it’s not necessarily a songwriting tip that is backing up vocals and harmonies add a huge amount to a chorus, and are another signpost that this is the chorus.
  • Just another case is with the general quiet loud dynamic of the instrumental parts – a fuller sound, with bigger drums and these kind of things should be obvious, but you’d be surprised how often you hear demos where the songs have the exact same sounds all the way through, with the vocalist singing in the same range throughout the song.
  • The melody comes first in all the cases. Because if you want to have super hit song than first you have to focus on the chorus and another thing that is most important is its melody.
  • Sometimes you sing a melody and a title pops right out. But more often than not, the words you sing to get the melody are just nonsense, or even non-words, like na nas etc so always focus on the melody of the chorus.



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